Formcase History
Our company started in 1962 by the founder, Erwin Manan, who was assisted by his brother, John Manan as Co-Founder of the company. They started a small-industry to produce Home & Office Furniture with simple tools and portable machines. In 1983, Erwin Manan's son, Robert Manan, joined the business and initiated the transformation from home industry into mass production by utilizing automatic and computerized machineries. In 1996, our dedication to quality and design was rewarded by our becoming the first Office Furniture manufacturer in the region who achieved ISO 9001 certification.

In 2000, Fify Manan joined the company as International Business Director and later became CEO of the company in 2012.

Today, FORMCASE has established itself as a renowned provider of quality Furniture that gives pleasure in the workplace for all its customers in the five continents of the world. Although FORMCASE continues to expand its operations, its original mission - to provide good quality, good value products and excellent service to its customers - lives on.